Scheduling an appointment with KiraVet

Once your requested appointment needs have been received, we will be in touch with the service providers availability and pricing for your desired request. Our plan to respond to all request within 24hrs.

Vet & groomer availability - scheduling your dog’s appointment

Same day appointments are generally not available due to demand, however we have a waitlist that service providers pull from when timeslots come available.

Cancellation Policy

We realize that life happens and schedules can change, but please notify us 24hrs before a scheduled appointment.

Emergency Services

We DO NOT provide emergency services of any kind. If you feel your dog needs urgent care, please immediately call or visit a Veterinary hospital or emergency clinic near you.

Preparing for Your Appointment

Nervous Pets

Please have your dog confined in a room so that they are easily accessible, especially if they tend to hide from strangers. Your best option may be a bathroom or a room without furniture the pet can get underneath.

Aggressive Pets

If your pet has a history of being aggressive with the veterinarian or strangers, please let us know prior to the appointment. Anxiety and fear are common issues even with home visits and can lead to aggressive behavior such as growling, scratching, and biting. Advance notice can allow for planning for minimal stress and maximum safety at the time of the appointment.

Medical Records

Please have any of your dog’s previous medical records available for review during the appointment. This is especially important if you’ve scheduled an appointment to follow up on a previously diagnosed problem. We also encourage you to take better control of your dog’s health and store your medical records (and more!) by using our App, kiraspack.com.

Appointment Time

Please allow up to an hour for your appointment. We want to provide a great un rush experience you and your pet.  

Trust and Safety

KirasPack, platform allows Vets and Groomers to reach pet lovers in their local area. These Vets and Groomers are independent contractors and are NOT KirasPack employees. With that said, we work hard to maintain the integrity of the KirasPack platform by running routine background checks on all service providers on our platform.


Pricing varies among the Pet Health providers on our platform. The pet health service professionals are independent contractors and each one has full control of their service rates. Fees are non-negotiable and by booking a pet health service provider you are accepting their listed charge.

In order to find the various prices for pet health service providers, you will need to enter in the information for your task. It is important to indicate details such as the service category, location, time, and date, so we can filter your task results to accurately display pricing for each service provider.


Payment for your task is strictly through the KiraVet website (powered by Stripe) using your credit card. For more information on how payments work through Stripe, please visit Stripe.com

If you have further questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to submit a request.